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The New Favorite Day Foster Program is an integral part of our system, as we can only save as many dogs and cats as we have space for. Since we are entirely foster-based, only pets we can find temporary shelter for can be taken into the program. 

These pets are taken into a loving home to receive love, attention, and direction until their forever family finds them.


All Foster homes are expected to be a safe haven for unwanted dogs and cats. If at any time the environment becomes unsafe for the family or the pet, the pet will be removed.

It is expected that the foster home for these pets will provide the following:

  • a loving home environment

  • daily food and water

  • the opportunity to have new, normal life experiences

  • have the pet available for requested adoption events

New Favorite Day will provide food and cover all needed veterinary care.

Foster FAQ
  • How do I choose my foster pet?
    This can be done either by going through the "Available Dogs" page and seeing who pops out at you, or contact New Favorite Day directly. If you tell us a bit about your home we can try to match you with the best fit.
  • Will this cost me money?
    All routine expenses (food and medical) will be covered by New Favorite Day. We also provide a kennel or pen, as needed. The only expense you may have is if you choose to purchase toys or treats on your own.
  • How long will I have a foster pet?
    Ideally, you would be able to house the pet until a forever home is found. That can be anywhere from 1 week to 7 months.
  • What if a foster animal just doesn't work in my home?
    If at any point you are no longer able to foster, need a break, or would like to change foster animals, NFD will work with you to address the situation. Please note, that the more notice you can give of needing to remove an animal from your home, the better. Since we are volunteer/foster based, we do need some time to find space elsewhere.
  • I would like to foster, but can't commit long-term. Can I still help?
    YES! Absolutely! We sometimes need a foster for just two days, to get the animal out of a bad situation quickly while we look for a long-term foster. Also, we always need help with our TNR cats. These cats are kept in their kennel for 1-4 days after we catch them, until their spay/neuter appointment.
  • How much does it cost to adopt a Working Cat?
    The adoption fee for Working Cats is waived, but generally we spend $85 on their pre-adoption vetting. Any donation toward that expense is always appreciated!
  • What do I do once I get the cat home?
    To ensure the cat adapts fully to its new home and surroundings, we encourage you to keep them in a confined space near where their new territory will be (in an escape-proof room, large dog crate, etc) for 4-6 weeks before letting them out to explore. While they are in this transition, make them feel like they're in a 5-star resort with great food and comfortable lodgings - because who would want to leave that??
  • Can I pet the Working Cats?
    Generally, no. Most of our Working Cats come from high-risk areas - such as busy streets and unfriendly neighborhoods. Because of this, they have not been trained to like people. After your cat has been with you for a time, it might allow for some petting, but do not mistake any of these cats for lap-lovers or indoor kitties.
  • Can I choose my own Working Cat?
    No, our available Working Cats fluctuate weekly, and availability has more to do with who we can catch than the adopter's request. If you have a preference (gender, age, color, etc) we will do our best to accommodate that.
  • Do you have any Working Cats that are kittens?
    Not usually. If we get kittens young enough, we much prefer to have them socialized and adopted into loving indoor homes. This more often has to do with them not having had enough time to learn how to be a mouser. Most Working Cats are 6 months and older.
  • Will I need to take my Working Cat to the vet?
    Initially, no. We will provide all vaccines, spay or neuter, and an initial dewormer. You will, however, be responsible for ongoing care, so expect to take your Working Cat to the vet yearly for a rabies vaccine at least.
  • What is required for a Working Cat?
    The cats require shelter in a permanent building or structure, such as a barn, shed, or garage in a suitable rural area where they will be safe. For this reason, we prefer them to be away from busy roadways. Daily food and water must be provided (cats cannot live of mice alone!), as well as any future medical care needed. Also, keep in mind that they must be kept in a confined area for 4-6 weeks during the transition to their new home.
  • How soon can I get a Working Cat?
    If we have a cat on hand, you can pick up same-day. If none are currently available, we trap and neuter usually by Wednesdays, so Thursdays are generally when new cats are able to be adopted.
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