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Woman with Furry Friends


We serve one of the smallest Texas counties with a high animal dump rates. New Favorite Day is a 501(c)3 volunteer-based nonprofit animal rescue dedicated to reducing the number of unwanted animals in and around Rains County by working to control animal pregnancies through spay and neuter initiatives, transporting animals to partner rescues, and community engagement programs.

Our vision is to provide a large rescue and dog park to serve the community, as there are no local animal services within the county or any included cities. Within the walls of New Favorite Day, the animals will find love and shelter until a forever home is found. We will also expand our outreach program to the local schools and youth - inviting them to come for dog training sessions, volunteer hours, and other opportunities to grow as a person and animal lover.

In addition to our internal programs, we offer assistance to our community members with spaying and neutering their dogs and cats. This is crucial in our effort to avoid the dumping of unwanted litters and reduce the burden on local rescues and shelters.


New Favorite Day is committed to reducing the stray and unwanted animal population in Rains County, Texas through education, community involvement, and spay/neuter initiatives.

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