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The New Favorite Day PAWbrary program is a chance for our pets to spend 1-3 days being fawned on outside of the shelter. This also gives you, the checker-outer, all the fun of owning a pet without the long-term commitment. 

Take a dog for a hike!

Sit and watch TV with a cat!

Have some play time!


Anyone who checks out an NFD pet from the PAWbrary program is expected to treat the dog or cat as their own for the time of the check out. 

It is expected that while the pet is outside of the New Favorite Day facility:

  • they will experience a loving home environment, or care while out and about

  • daily food and water

  • they will be safe and contained at all times

  • the pet will be returned at the agreed upon time

New Favorite Day will provide food and any kennel needs, as required.

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